Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back in the Studio!!

I have great news about my upcoming album. Things are starting to move along at a much faster pace than I anticipated. Starting on June 24th, I began working with my producer Uri Djemal at Madpan Studios in New York City. We started laying down 14 scratch tracks for what will be an 11-12 song album. Uri has helped me assemble some very strong musicians that I believe will help me complete this vision that I have had for the last year.

Here is the final makeup of the band.

Matt Code
Vox, Guitar

Uri Djemal
producer, mixer, engineer, guitar

Hari Ganglberger

Shane Koss
co-producer, arranger, additional engineering, keyboards

Phil Crain

The official pre-production begins July 21st. I have no set date for the release, because I want to make sure it's quality is at the level I desire. I hope to have all the production aspects of this album done by the beginning of September with a release date of October 1st. These dates are tentative so please be patient while we work in the studio. I want to thank everyone for all of the support you have shown me during the days of Barakus and up until now. I'm very excited for this album to become available for all of you to enjoy. Thank you,Matt Code

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